There are many different ways to the answer.

When we learn how to multiply, we learn to split the equation into parts. First, we find the product using the ones place value. Then we move to the tens, followed by the hundreds. Finally, we sum everything up and arrive at our answer. This method works great, but it’s not always the most efficient. Here are a few other methods that can speed up the process.

In these examples, I am using 2 and 3 digit numbers. These methods also work with larger numbers.

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The Lattice Method

Working it out in your head

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Addition + Subtraction

1. Addition

The first trick is to simplify your problem by breaking it into smaller pieces. For example, we can rewrite

567 + 432 
= 567 + (400 + 30 + 2)
= 967 + 30 + 2
= 997 + 2
= 999


It’s often easier to work with adding a smaller number, so instead of 131 + 858, swap the numbers

858 + 131 
= 858 + 100 + 30 + 1
= 989

2. Subtraction

Using the complement of a number can help make subtraction easier. …

The Holy Grail for Lazy Marketers?

Following the launch of GPT-3 last year, some notable use cases have been developed. This blog will demonstrate examples from five new services that generate text and write copy for you using artificial intelligence.

What is GPT-3

The Content from Subscription Streaming Services Now Adds up to 27 Years

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Source: “Ready for Movies” by Jacob Lund. Licensed from Adobe Stock

I’ve taken a couple of shots at estimating total streaming content already. With the launch of Discovery + bringing thousands of additional episodes to the market, I thought that it’s time for an update.

This edition is more of a research project than data science. Wherever possible, I’d look for numbers from the streaming companies themselves. The trouble is that companies vary a great deal in their estimates. Some talk about the hours available on their service, some the shows, some the episodes, and some the movies. …

These are a few tricks that I’ve found helpful. Hopefully, you will too.

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1. Unique Values in Each Column

So you’ve loaded up a Dataframe and are ready to explore. Along with the usual ways of taking a first glance at your data …, df.describe() and df.shape

I like to look at what is inside the columns as well. This simple loop will give you a count of how many unique values there are in each column.

# number of unique values in each column
for column in df:
print(column, df[column].nunique())

Example output

bedrooms 9 bathrooms 24 sqft_living 568 sqft_lot 3778 yr_built 116 zipcode 70…

Verizon, GM, and the Future

Introduction. This blog covers three of the keynote addresses from virtual CES 2021. I give an overview of each keynote followed by my thoughts. Links are at the end of the blog.

Verizon Keynote

Hans starts by saying the pandemic has accelerated technology. We have jumped ahead five to seven years — through working from home distance learning and telemedicine. Instead of the digital revolution, “being our future, it’s our present.” What makes 5G so great? It opens us up…

The top name of the NFL Divisional Round

TL;DR. The charts in this blog mostly use randomly created data, as I don’t have the rights to actual data.

On 1/16/21, in the first game of the NFL Divisional Playoffs, the Green Bay Packers will face the Los Angeles Rams. These teams represent the NFL’s top-ranked defense (Rams) and offense (Packers).

Interestingly the best player on each team is named Aaron. Aaron Rodgers is possibly the best quarterback in football, and he is one of the hot favorites for this year’s Most Valuable Player award. Aaron Donald is one of the best ever to play his position. He is…

Calculating Total Streaming Content

TL;DR- No, unless you have an evil streaming lair

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Evil Streaming Lair. Photo by Michał Lis on Unsplash

A couple of weeks ago I estimated total available streaming content. It comes out to more than 20 years of continuous content.

I had to make a few assumptions to get to that number. Having come across another resource I thought I’d take another shot at this estimate.

The good people at The Movie Database provided me with an API to download some data to help with this project.

I began with a TV listing. You can get this here, even without an API. The listing is provided in a compressed…

Exploring Fitbit Heart Rate Data

Recently with the reduced workout options available under Covid-19, I have been focusing on doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT). There are different methods of HIIIT workouts. For me, what this means is going flat out, as hard as I can, for about a minute, followed by a rest period, and then repeating the whole sequence 3 or 4 times.

The advantage of HIIT is that you burn calories without burning muscle, and you’re all done with your workout in much less time than a traditional cardio workout. The disadvantage is that you feel like hell during the workout.

Here’s some…

Summarizing the growth of Streaming Platforms

There hasn’t been much to get excited about in 2020. One positive thing was the incredible growth of streaming services. Here’s a quick review of streaming services as they stand at the end of the year.

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I began this effort by gathering as much data as possible. The most useful source for research was the streaming companies themselves. Most entertainment companies haven’t had a lot of great news this year, so they are falling over themselves to tell the world about the latest boost in subscription numbers. Quarterly analyst reports are a good place…

Andrew Jamieson

Andrew has an analytics background with over 20 years of experience in various industries, working with world-leading brands.

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