How to Write Copy with Ease … Have a Robot Write it for You

The Holy Grail for Lazy Marketers?

Following the launch of GPT-3 last year, some notable use cases have been developed. This blog will demonstrate examples from five new services that generate text and write copy for you using artificial intelligence.

What is GPT-3

Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is a language model that uses deep learning to generate intelligent text that is almost indistinguishable from text written by a real-life human. GPT-3 was created by the research lab OpenAI. The scale of GPT-3 is awe-inspiring. It was trained on a massive amount of text, with more than 175 billion parameters. It is the largest language model by far.

Robot Hand | Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

The Topic

To make generating text a little more challenging, I wanted to use a topic that hasn’t been written about before. To do this, I identified a problem and created an absurd solution, a solution that no-one is looking for.

Problem: There is too much TV. How can you possibly keep up with it?

Solution: The Brain Compartmentalizer. This new feature allows you to split up brain function and fully concentrate on multiple tasks simultaneously.

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Generating Text

All services require you to enter some text to seed the text generation. In some cases, it’s just the title of the topic. In others, it’s key words, product attributes, or a few sentences. Most services will return 5–10 different options for you to choose from.

There are a variety of output options. Product descriptions, key benefits, Facebook or Google ads, landing pages for a website, blog outlines. The killer app seems to be a full-length blog. Unfortunately, most services don’t offer blog functionality yet, or if they do, it’s only to paying customers.

Enough with the intro. Let’s check out some examples from five websites: Writesonic, AI Writer, Headlime, Nichesss, and Copysmith.


Input: Product Name, Product Type, Product Characteristics

The Brain Compartmentalizer is a patented, proven product that helps you concentrate on multiple things at the same time. This device was designed by a neuroscientist who’s spent the last twenty years researching the brain. Now it’s your turn to experience an entirely new level of productivity.

The Brain Compartmentalizer is a breakthrough in brain concentration optimizer technology. With our specially designed glasses, you can actually trick your brain into concentrating on multiple things at the same time. With the glasses on, you can watch several TV shows at once, while actively listening to a loved one and doing other tasks. What could be more convenient?

Concentration | Photo by Tong Nguyen van on Unsplash

AI Writer

Input: Only the title — “Brain Compartmentalizer.”

If you are a team, you have probably spoiled something at some point in your life, be it your team or your friends, your family or even just your boss.

If you put them in their own separate places in the brain, you can hump down and get the job done. Giving yourself the freedom to manage your own mental health, regardless of the time of day, is a healthy advantage of isolation. It simply means that you are able to tame those that go wrong, such as anxiety and depression, while they are still functioning in life.

In psychology, compartimentalization is a defense mechanism that the brain uses to shut down traumatic events. If not handled correctly, this can lead to a lack of self-control, anxiety, depression, and even suicide attempts.

However, the isolation can be used positively to help you become more productive and focus on the things that are important to you. I think people are definitely creatures of habit, and I would add that, but I think that unconscious prejudice sometimes prevents us from learning something new or doing something else.

Isolation | Photo by Traworld Official on Unsplash


Input: Audience, Product Name, Creativity Level, Tone of Voice, Product Description

  • The productivity multiplier

A brain expander that will help you live a life like no one else.

As many of us attempt to do more in less time, our brains need the freedom to take on multiple things at once. The Brain Compartmentalizer gives you the key. Easily compartmentalize your tasks while giving you unparalleled concentration with each task.

The Brain Compartmentalizer allows you to concentrate on anything while still retaining other knowledge. It is a tool which was developed for those who crave cognitive diversity, for entertainment or medicinal purposes-whatever you want!

Retain Knowledge | Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash


Inputs: Name, Description, Keyword

How to do everything at the same time.

With the release of the latest mobile app, Brain Compartmentalizer, you can now do everything at the same time! This app allows you to type, read, watch videos, and listen to music all at the same time.

Blog Post Body: The way it works is that you choose an activity from the extensive list of beginner and advanced activities. After you have selected your activity, you will need to select the type of brain activity you want to do. For example, I chose to do a beginner activity called “Talking on the phone while watching a video on my phone.” The app asked me what activity I wanted to do, and whether I wanted to do a “Left Brain” activity (audio) or a “Right Brain” activity

Left Brain / Right Brain | Photo by Morgan Housel on Unsplash


Inputs: Company Name, Product Name, Product Characteristics, Brand Keywords, Keywords to Avoid

Brain Compartmentalizer is a little tool to help you remember and focus on what really matters. The Brain Compartmentalizer helps you manage your attention by splitting it into small brain “chunks” which can be handled simultaneously. Just put the widget on the edge of your computer screen and start working or watching something else at the same time.

The perfect way to pay attention, at the same time, watch more things, improve relationships and remember everything you see. You’ll be twice as productive and never forget something again.

Use the Brain Compartmentalizer to help you get your tasks done and enjoy more of what you’re doing at the same time. By training your brain to break down tasks and deal with them concurrently, you’ll be better able to switch between tasks in an efficient manner and still be able to perform multiple functions at once.

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to expand our cognitive abilities. Easily accessible exercises that boost our brain power are great, but we can also do it on our own in everyday situations. In this post, I’m going to share with you an exercise that I’ve been using for years to help me focus my attention on multiple things at the same time. I hope it will help you too.

Pay Attention | Photo by Paolo Nicolello on Unsplash


There were several examples that didn’t quite make sense. Here are a couple of my favorites (bold text for emphasis).

The advantage of our headgear is that it creates multiple mini prisons for your brain powers that are directed towards each task individually.

The Brain Compartmentalizer is a way of seeing multitasking as a big, fat opportunity for multitasking.


Will AI-generated text solve all your marketing content needs? Definitely not. However, it is a lot of fun watching text on your chosen topic magically generate itself. The AI-generated text could also help trigger your own ideas — much like a brainstorming session.

I suspect that working with a made-up topic could be a step too far. Since GPT-3 is built on existing text, it would make sense that we’d get a better result using an existing topic. Here’s an example of a generated blog opening using the more familiar topic of “How to make Guacamole.”

Guacamole is the quintessential party food. There’s just something about it that makes you want to take a big bite and get messy with the chips. You want to build up a nice, thick layer of avocado goodness on your chips, but don’t want it to end up too greasy. That’s where this super simple recipe comes into play.

Guacamole | Photo by Christina Rumpf on Unsplash

All these services offer a free trial, although email sign-up is required. You can check them out in the links below. Please let me know your thoughts or comments. Have you used any of these services? Would you use them?

Happy copywriting

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Andrew has an analytics background with over 20 years of experience in various industries, working with world-leading brands.

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